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See the difference? One letter! LOL Michael is a geek in the VA area who does web creation and other custom programming. If you got here looking for him? Click here: http://www.davisnetworks.com/

Need Tech Support in the Sacramento area?

Check out Davis916.com!!

In partnership with Extra Help, we offer a wide range of services including:

• Administrative support

• Installation and removal – Software assistance

• Remote support and printing solutions

• Hardware support**

• Networking assistance**

• Media and gaming systems

•Backup/storage solutions

•Gaming and Netflix integrations

• Virus and spyware cleanup

• Website design

•Joomla and Moodle CMS sites

•Wordpress blogs


•eCommerce solutions

Call or email today!

(916)281-4719, ask for Johnathan

** Must be local to the Northern CA area

I’m Only Sayin’…

A fun store full of snarky, funny designs. Check it out:

Find more at I’m Only Sayin’ at Zazzle.


If you have a small or home business and just need a little more help than the kid down the street can give you with your computer, ExtraHelp.us is your answer.

From their website:

“Our service offering is designed for the small business owner during these tight economic times. While it may be desirable to have full time IT Staff, it may not be financially possible. Our goal is to provide a way for you to obtain highly skilled talent for only the period of time needed rather than paying for a FTE where there may not be enough work or hiring an FTE is not an option.

Our goal is not to discourage small business from hiring full time employees. We understand that many American workers are unemployed and need a job to support their families. If you can afford FTE’s please seek out and hire qualified, hard-working employees from your local area. As business demands increase for ExtraHelp.Us – we will hire highly skilled out of work employees. So, please keep us in mind for times where you need a little ExtraHelp.

We also enjoy supporting the IT needs of individuals who are working to get their small business started. So if you are an established small business or just getting started and need some computer assistance – we are here to help you!!”

BySandra @ Zazzle.com

Sandi has been a friend of DavisNetwork for years. She is an awesome artist. Please take a few minutes to look around her Zazzle store.

More places to find Sandi’s work:

by Sandra •• Cupcakeville •• Ladybugville •• Aficionado •• the Whisperers •• I believe •• Lucky Cat •• Love My Sweets
Dollfriends •• What Happens. . . •• Cancer Fight •• The Critter Shop •• Dogs •• Just Silly •• the School Shop
Crayons •• Club Chemo •• Delicious Thoughts •• the Czar Shop


Well, here we go. I will gradually be adding people and businesses to this site who are self employed and making their own way. Not asking for handouts, just offering services, products or information. Please click the links and help them out.

If you have a legitimate business with an affiliate program, or a friend of mine, and you’re not included here, please e-mail me to be added.

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